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Chase bank, bank of america are the top 2 bad banks ever. never do business with them they will *** as much as they can. Bank of america is owed by mafia since they opened its been proven. Chase just thinks they can screw people anytime they want thats why i have sued them for millions of dollars and won. so *** banks and i will never trust them with my money. they can try to tell me that they don't do it but i have caught them everytime. They... Read more

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they charge my payment twice, I want the second payment reversed. acct. 5124880100294151 I will report them to the business complaints if it isn't reversed by tomorrow. I called the phone numbers and they keep hanging up on me. customer on the website says it does not will not come up it keep on closeing the website My phone # 518-466-2859 I expect to be contacted in at least in by the end of tomorrow day. I make my... Read more

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A few years ago I opened a Chase account in order to have dental work done. Since the time of opening this account, I lost my job and my income has changed dramatically. This required me to consolidate my debt. All of my creditors agreed to the proposal except Chase Health Advance. I have contacted them on several occasions in order to rectify this issue. They have offered to arrange payment plans but I am still unable to make minimum... Read more

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Chase Health will do nothing about it. I paid for American Laser, in advance, years ago, through GE Credit. Finished my services, paid it off early, everything was fine. I signed up again for American Laser Centers for a different hair removal procedure and as you know, you sign up for something that might last 3 years but you need to pay it off, at the zero percent rate, in 18 months, so I did. I never got all of the paid for treatments,... Read more

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I had to have dental work done. I applied for credit through chase advance. They gave me 18months to pay without explaining the rules and regulations.My first bill was 550.00. I have care credit and reasonable payment. I can pay more or less as long as paid by time given.If not interest added . They never said it would be a 550 a month payment. Destroyed my credit always had excellent credit until this happened very poor communication and... Read more

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chase health deaths with companies under the pretex of getting credit. I signed with this company to see if i would get c redit but they held me responsible for 3000.00 even though i did not receive any services. and i had to pay all that money for nothing. They are very fast to add lalte fees and harrass you and give you a bad credit report. They just want to ripp people off at any cost. don't patronize this rippoff co. This co. gives a bad... Read more

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I was conned into applying with chase health for credit and the company pressured me to sign the paperwork knowing that both chase and the other company will profit from this deal. While I got no services, chase health advance continued to harras me and and took all my money under the pretext that i would get credit. What a shame! Do not sign any paperwork to obtain credit with this company because they have you trapped and they will extort... Read more

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I had laser eye surgery done in Dec. 2011. My payments were $ 176.66 per month, 0 % interest, for 2 years. I paid $ 200.00 every month, just to make sure I paid it off on time. In Dec. 2012, my bank sent my payment electronically to Chase, as they had done every month before, but this time, it ended up being 2 days late. My bank refused to assist me , stating that I knew they didn't send payments on the weekend. I am still fighting with my... Read more

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I had some cosmetic prcedures done on my face on aug 2011, for total 8350.00 which was also a ripoff. Chase health was billing me monthly for certain amount which I paid faithfully, even though I was paying it online if the payment was not sent at least week in advance they would charge me late payment fee, which I refused to pay.How could this bank not be equipt tohandle such a simple transaction.Well theanswer is cause they want to gyp us at... Read more

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When I first opened the card I decided to sign up for automatic withdrawals so as not to incur any late fees. Unfortunately, the small print apparently stated that the automatic withdrawals would not start for 60 days. WTH? Therefore, I incurred a late fee on the very first payment. Upon calling to figure out what was going on I was placed on hold for a long period of time. They did however say that they would remove the late fee, but I had... Read more

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